A center for dancers seeking to preserve and promote traditional Scottish Country Dance and music through instruction and fellowship in the Southeastern United States.

Sponsored by RSCDS Atlanta Branch and RSCDS Carolinas Branch

BRSDS 2022 Registration is now open!

April 18, 2022

Dear Blue Ridge Scottish Dance School Supporters:

The Blue Ridge Scottish Dance School Board of Directors wants to thank you for your continued support for planning and development of the school and the interest you have shown over the past two years. With your help, we have built a plan to offer a full week of Scottish Dance at Appalachian State University in July 2022. The pandemic delayed our plans in 2020 and 2021, but we have forged ahead and have full confidence that the event we have scheduled for July 3 to July 9, 2022, will take place and will be successful. However, we need your help right now.

To reserve the facilities at Appalachian State University, we had to front a substantial amount of our existing funds as a deposit. This deposit is refundable until May 1, 2022. After that date, we will lose the deposit if we do not have enough registered participants to hold the school. We need at least sixty registered participants by May 1 to guarantee that we can hold the dance school this year without seriously over-extending our financial resources and damaging our ability to hold a school in future years.

If you are planning to attend the school this year, please register BEFORE May 1 so that we can guarantee to Appalachian State that we have enough participants to protect our deposit. You can register at https://www.blueridgesds.org/registration . It only takes a deposit of $150 to hold your place at Blue Ridge. If you need assistance in the online registration, or if you are having difficulty in completing your registration, please contact Rick Shireman at rickshireman@yahoo.com or Susan Tumlin at susantumlin@yahoo.com and we will help you with your registration.  Please note that we will continue to accept registrations after May 1 if we have made our May 1 goal. We know that many of you are waiting to register later due to personal situations – we just need to get a strong early registration number so we can protect our substantial deposit with Appalachian State and so we can plan accurately.  So if you can, register now!

If you are thinking about registering but need assistance with finances, there are options for obtaining partial scholarships to help defray your expenses. The Atlanta Branch of RSCDS has scholarship funds that are available for interested applicants.  Both Atlanta Branch AND non-Atlanta Branch members can apply for scholarships.  You can get more information about these scholarships by looking on-line at https://rscds-atlanta.org/rscds-atlanta-branch-memorial-scholarship/ . Other regional branches may also have scholarship funds available:  contact your Branch to get details about how to apply.

We are looking forward to a successful inaugural event for the Blue Ridge Scottish Dance School. We hope you can join us and remember, register early to help us ensure the school is a success.

BRSDS Board of Directors                                              Interim Board Members
Susan Tumlin, Interim President                                Cynthia Atkins            Patricia Geiger
Eilean Yates, Interim Vice President                          Jeff Corrigan               Bob Messner
Sylvia Priest, Interim Secretary                                  Sarah Craighead        Norma Wilson
Rick Shireman, Interim Treasurer
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