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A silent auction will be held during the week of Blue Ridge Scottish Dance School.  The auction proceeds will be used towards the cost of renting the ballroom.  Bids must be made in person.  Items will go the highest bidder at the time the auction closes.  Payment will be collected when the auction closes.  Below is a sample of items that will be available for bidding.  Some items may not be exactly the same as what will be available during the auction, but are a close representation.

Isle of Skye

Original water color landscape of the Isle of Skye comes with a certificate of authenticity and a brief biography of the award-winning artist, Sharon Freeman.

Donated by Sharon Freeman


Butterfly Pot

High-fire reduction stoneware with copper red and rutile blue glazes.  Lid has a detailed butterfly figure.

Donated by Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery,         
                   Lexington, VA

Stained Glass Ghillies

Iron frame with stained glass insets.

Donated by Susan and Lewis Tumlin


Bordeaux Wine

Selection of four wines.

Donated by Susan and Lewis Tumlin

Reduce Wine Cooler Set

1 Wine Cooler & 2 Wine Tumblers (Lids Included).  Dual wall vacuum insulated.  Keeps wine at the perfect temperature, no ice needed.  its most 750mL wine bottles.  Non slip base, sweat proof, BPA free.

Donated by Susan and Lewis Tumlin


Chemist Chocolate Orange Gin

Donated by Bob Messner

Four Peel Gin

Donated by Bob Messner


Clan MacLeod Scotch Whisky

Small-batch smooth & mellow blend from Skye that brings together hand selected malt and grain whiskies.

Donated by Bob Messner

Pet Portrait

Custom portrait of your pet.

Donated by Jeanne Young


Wood Plaque

Features an intricate celtic knot and thistle burned into the wood.

Donated by Sylvia Priest

Scottish Doll

Hand-knit stuffed Scottish highland man.

Donated by Irene Stancik


Healers Gold Earrings & Necklace

Healers Gold “Magnetite & Pyrite. Protective, grounding, balancing, aids analysis & creativity. Believed to energize healer & receiver alike. “
Smoky Quartz “Grounding & Balancing. Absorbs & transmutes negative energy. Assists in removing mental & emotional blockages.”

Donated by Janet Edkins Creates
                  Beads of Light

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