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Going Once...

Going Twice...

Gone to the AUCTION!

Auction details will be posted when available.

Product pictures are provided by donor. 

Please verify any questions with donor before participating in the auction.

Thank you to our very first auction donor

-Turtle Old Man- 

for this gorgeous pendant!  


Original artwork in cast paper handmade by Kevin Dyer

madonna and child.JPG

Thank you to Susan Tumlin

for donation of this lovely turquoise necklace and bracelet!


Gaelic Blessing -

a stunning quilt handmade and donated by

Sarah Craighead

Sarah Craighead Gaelic Blessing IMG_3521
image (2).jpg

Gregory Duncan glasses donated for auction

by Barbara Youngman. 

Set includes 8 glasses

of each size.


The perfect pot for tea

donated by Sylvia Priest.

Oriental Tea Set - 2.JPG

A poem anyone? 

Offered to auction by Brian and Tina Carr are

The Poetical Works of Robert Burns, Volume 1 and Volume 2, published by Cassell, Petter, and Galpin. 

Original and one-of-a-kind pottery - cup and bowl-  

handmade and donated by Ruth Steel

Belts with celtic clasps

donated by Joyce Chase