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A center for dancers seeking to preserve and promote traditional Scottish Country Dance and music through instruction and fellowship in the Southeastern United States.



The Blue Ridge Scottish Dance School is a new adventure in Scottish Country Dancing:  BRSDS launches on the campus of Appalachian State University.  Come spend a week or partial week in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina learning Scottish Country Dancing while connecting with new friends or reuniting with old ones.


Offerings include daily classes in skilled and social levels, afternoon bonus classes in topics of interest, evening dances, and the Blue Ridge Scottish Dance Gala to finish the week.  Grab your ghillies and join the fun!

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Invigorating for both the body and the mind, Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) is a team-work sport that can be pursued life-long and carry with it lasting friendships.  Originating in 18th century Scotland, SCD is a modern form of the country dancing popular in Scotland and England. The dance, a combination of square dance and ballet, is danced in groups of six to ten people (called a ‘set’) to tunes classified as reels, jigs and strathspeys.  More than 7000 different SCD dances derived from traditional sources such as old manuscripts and printed dance collections and dances being written yet today are catalogued and available for clubs to enjoy.

What is Scottish Country Dancing anyway ?





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Susan Tumlin
Eilean Yates
Sylvia Priest
Rick Shireman

BRSDS Interim President

RSCDS Certified Teacher

BRSDS Interim Vice President

Liaison to the RSCDS

BRSDS Interim Secretary 

BRSDS Interim Treasurer


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on the campus of:

Appalachian State University

287 Rivers St

Boone, NC 28608

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