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Technique is for dancers with two or more years of SCD experience who wish to focus on improving technique.  Dancers should already have a solid foundation in the basic steps and be familiar with most common formations.  They should be able to recover from errors with relative ease and be conscious of their contribution to the teamwork in the set.  In addition to working on some less common steps and more difficult formation transitions this class will work on developing a higher level of technical skill while still encouraging the social elements that bring enjoyment to dancing with others.

Experienced with
Low Impact


Social class is for dancers with one year or more of SCD experience with knowledge of most basic steps and formations.  While this class will spend some time on basic technique and footwork, its emphasis is on the social aspects of Scottish Country Dance.  This includes good phrasing, proper use of hands, transitions from one formation to another, eye contact, covering, teamwork and etiquette.  Come prepared to enjoy learning a variety of intermediate to advanced-intermediate level dances and anticipate how much you will be able to contribute to your class at home.

Developmental class for less experienced dancers






This class is for newer and less experienced dancers who wish to improve their technique, skill and knowledge while broadening their repertoire of formations and dances.

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