The Dance Floor Awaits You

A few years back a member of the RSCDS Atlanta Branch got wind of a church that was wanting to sell a dance floor that was no longer being used. After purchasing the floor he enlisted the help of a couple more branch members and filled up two pickup trucks and a large trailer and brought the floor to Cartersville to be stored. Since that time the dance floor was rented out to three weddings and used when the Branch was a test center for Units 2 and 3 in 2015. Most of the time, however, it sits unused in storage as it is very labor intensive to set up for just a couple of hours of use.

When the decision was made to hold Blue Ridge Scottish Dance School at Appalachian State, we discovered that although there are several ball rooms on campus, none had wooden floors. The board decided to look into using the dance floor stored in Cartersville. Bob Messner and his wife Linda Lovejoy made the generous decision to donate the floor to BRSDS. We are so thankful to them.

The floor for the most part was in very good condition. But some of the panels – there are over 160 – were in need of repair. In steps,

Lewis Tumlin and Rick Shireman have spent countless hours inspecting, repairing, and cleaning each and every panel. Today I went down to see their progress and take a few pictures. We are going to have the best dance floor ever this summer!